Joy Tatum, Student Services




Joy Tatum, Student Services Advisor

Locust Grove Upper Elementary 

Address: 720 Hwy 82, Locust Grove, Oklahoma 7432
Room Number: 302
Phone:  918-803-4300 Ext. 1327
Fax: 918-479-3229
School Hours:  7:45 A.M. -3:55 P.M.  Tuesday-Friday 
Office Hours:  7:30 A.M. -4:30 PM Tuesday-Friday


School Services Include: 

  • Classroom Guidance
    • Classroom Guidance activities will take place throughout the year.  Topics will include: Bullying, Character Building, Seven Habits Training, and Leadership
  • Outside Counseling Service Referrals
  • Gifted and Talented Assessments
  • Coordinating Ministerial Alliance Backpack Food for Kids Program
  • Clothing Closet 
  • Struggling Student Check In/Check Out
    • Parents, teachers and students may request extra help for the student in academic areas.  A staff member will organize a time to assist the student with the organization of work,  academic help, and time management. 
  • Absence Prevention
  • Career Guidance and preparedness
  • ounseling