Growth Mindset


The brain is a wonderful thing!

People used to think that intelligence was fixed – meaning we were either smart, or we weren’t.  However, scientists have proved over and over again that this simply is NOT TRUE.  The more we use our brain, the stronger (and smarter) it gets!


Is your mindset fixed?

A person with a fixed mindset may do the following:

  • Avoid challenges
  • Give up easily
  • Ignore feedback
  • Become threatened by other people’s success
  • Try hard to appear as smart or competent as possible


What does a growth mindset look like?

A person with a growth mindset may do the following:

  • Embrace challenges
  • Give their best effort
  • Learn from feedback
  • Become inspired by other’s success
  • Believe their intelligence can change if they work hard


Retrain your Brain

Instead of this:                                                                         Think this:

I’m not good at this.                                                                   I will get better if I keep trying!

He’s smarter than me.                                                               I’m going to figure out what he does and try that!

It’s good enough.                                                                       Am I proud of my work?

I’m so smart!  I’ve got this!                                                         I’m on the right track...but I bet I can get better!

I give up.                                                                                    Let me try some strategies!

I messed up.                                                                              Mistakes help me grow and learn!

I’ll never get this.                                                                        I’m going to keep trying until I do!

Plan A didn’t work.                                                                     Good thing there are 25 more letters in the alphabet!


Embrace the Power of Yet

You may not be able to do something – YET.  You may not understand – YET.  You may not get it – YET.  It may not make sense – YET.  You may not know – YET.  You may not be good at it – YET.  Don’t let your story end before you get to the good part!  Keep going.  Keep trying.  I believe in you!