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Really Great Reading


 Really Great Reading is a program our school is using to increase phonics skills and fluency in our students.  Your child has been utilizing the methods used in this program during their daily WIN time in the literacy lab. In addition to the program, your child participates in whole and small group reading activities to increase comprehension and fluency (speed at which they read).


Words can be broken into smaller chunks which can make them easier to decode.

Ask your child the following questions:

How many vowels are in the word?

Are the vowels together or apart?

  • Vowels that are together are called a vowel team.

Are there any r controlled vowels (ar, or, ir, er)?

Is there a vowel consonant e (sneaky e)?

Is there a /y/ that makes a vowel sound?



lo cust

How many vowels? two

Are they together or apart? apart

How many syllables are there?  two

  • If the first syllable doesn’t have a consonant after it, it is open and says its name.If a syllable ends with a consonant it is closed.  



re bate

How many vowels? Three

Are the vowels together or apart? Apart

Are there any r controlled vowels? No

Is there a vowel consonant e? Yes 

The first syllable is open.